We are an international ensemble of young experimental theatre makers creating work that is poetic, dysfunctional and outlandish. Whilst ‘Come To Daddy’ is our debut, we’re a family that has been working together for years. We’ve survived all the fights and toils and tears rolling into our coffee to bring you something special.


Our work can be described as visual poetry and live art, the kind of thing that is at times keenly relatable and at others, curiously opaque. Our performances are invigoratingly soporific, tediously epic. And at the centre of it all is you, the audience. Whether it’s the poise and intellect of long-dead icons or the fumbling clumsiness of a first embrace, we want to give it to you.


We invite you to join with us and bear witness as we dive off the precipice and balance on the shoulders of artists tumbling back to the beginning of time.